What sort of person are you? A night owl or a culture Vulture? Would you like to explore Gdańsk's night life with newly met friends? Or perhaps you'd rather discover the history and capture Gdańsk on camera? For us, it doesn't matter who you are - what matters to us is You. We'll do our best to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

This city never sleeps but at some point you might want to take a break. Our hostel is located on the edge of the old town. A 10 minute walk to it's centre but away from the noise. What we can offer you?

5 originally decorated rooms - each in a different style. Choose one according to your interests - or maybe try something completely new.

12 bed dorm - WAREHOUSE
10 bed dorm - MUSIC
6 bed dorm - MOVIE
4 bed dorm - TRAVEL
2 bed private - SPORT

Our delicious buffet breakfast and freshly brewed coffee will fuel you for the day. And if you've got time between seeing the sights and exploring night life, why not chill out in our lounge. Relax and watch a movie, play on the xbox or go online. We'll also give you free wifi, coffee, tea and our help - all available 24/7.